We specialize in the repair and maintenance of professional sound, lighting and video equipment...
  We offer warranty service to our customers for most major name brands available on the market such as JBL, QSC, and Mackie. Our goal is to repair your equipment the right way, the first time, with fast, reliable and cost effective service.
We have full-time, factory-trained technicians, and an extensive parts inventory that allows us to complete your repair within a timely manner. In addition, 2 and 5 day RUSH SERVICES are available if your gear's down-time is critical.
  We have implemented an email system that will report the status of your repair as soon as it changes, keeping you instantly updated!
We take the "Custom" part of our name seriously!

We can custom modify equipment to provide altered or enhanced functionality not available on off the shelf units. If you have a special requirement not found on commercially available audio, video or lighting equipment, call us for an estimate.
We have performed hundreds of modifications from the simple to the complex. By performing this unique service, we can assist you in choosing equipment and configuring systems in a manner that is less limiting in functionality, more intuitive in operation, and ultimately lower in cost.
If you have a question about the feasability of a particular mod, contact us with a description, and we'll get to work on it!